Kronig Supply Appointed as Exclusive Distributor of SquarePlug™ Connectors in Australia and New Zealand

Kronig Supply is pleased to announce its appointment as the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of the SquarePlug™ line of connectors by KMMK Solutions.

The original SquarePlug™ audio connectors emerged in 2017 to modernise the tried and tested pancake plug. Featuring a unique patented design, the comprehensive range of audio connectors have some unique features:

  • Low profile
  • Available in straight or right-angled versions
  • Comprehensive strain relief preventing axial and lateral cable movements
  • The full metal jackets encapsulate the copper conductors to reduce interference along the full length of the plug
  • Available in mono TS and stereo TRS
  • Utilise a cable identification/tracing system built around a set of colored screws giving 55 distinct combinations
  • Most models have options for silver and black

The SquarePlug range align strategically with Kronig Supply’s collection of audio products that are innovative, and difficult to source for consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

“We are very excited to appoint Kronig Supply as exclusive distributors of our low profile SquarePlug connectors in Australia and New Zealand. Kronig’s mission of sourcing innovative products with a “customer-first” approach aligns well with KMMK’s philosophy. We’re impressed with Kronig’s professionalism and are convinced that this new partnership will grow our brand in Australia and New Zealand. ” , says Karim Messadek, President of KMMK.

The SquarePlug™ series is available in Australia and New Zealand and is now shipping. Contact Us to join the SquarePlug Dealer network.

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