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The SquarePlug Brand from KMMK Solutions offers consumers the most comprehensive range of low profile audio connectors in the industry. The product line consists of 11 different models, set to cover virtually every possible application where low profile balanced and unbalanced audio cabling is required. 

The Pure Tone jack features greater surface area at all contact points creating a more stable connection for optimal signal and lowest possible noise. No more crackle caused by pressure grounds! The mono PTT1 1/4” jack contains dual tension grounds and dual positive tips, whereas the PTT2 stereo version boasts dual positive tips and opposing tensions on the jack ring and sleeve. New PTT5 long-threaded barrel jack design can be used in both mono and stereo applications. 

G&H Plugs have been manufacturing high-end plugs since 1987. All G&H Plugs feature a unique copper core through the shaft of the plug. When combined with a premium cable, these connectors give an instrument cable assembly with an end-to-end copper connection and a rugged “bend-not-break” durability that is unrivaled in the industry.